Post #2 – testing, testing

Typing on a new (to me) blog host feels like I’m moving to a new house.

It’s got most of the usual fixtures, but they look different, and are in different locations than at my old “place”.

It looks so new and clean in here!

Hey, Real Estate Agent, how much are they askin’ for this place?



Cam’aaaahn, nothing’s free.

Mmm-hmm, we shall see just how free this ends up being.

And you, the reader, will please keep in mind that anything you read on the internet is subject to interpretation and is not necessarily truth.

Caveat emptor.

Bon appetit!


OK, I’m just being silly.

But, most importantly, hvala lepa!

Skeptical look

Holy Sheepdip! New Location, Same Writer

Hi.  Steeny Lou here.

I’m just picking around in here, getting familiar with WordPress, in my attempt to move.

My old blog will still remain where it sits, at Google’s Blogger, but I am going to try to make this be the spot for any new content.

It’s a more interactive site here, compared to Blogger.  Maybe if Blogger makes changes someday, I will go back, so I want to keep the option open.

Steeny Lou, August 2012