La Isla Bonita – the gypsy version

I have never been a fan of Madonna, but when La Isla Bonita came out in the 80s, that was the first song I enjoyed by her.  There’s one more by her that caught my ear sometime in the past decade, but I can’t remember it right now.

Now there’s this version of La Isla Bonita with Gogol Bordello that moves me.

Gypsy music.  That is some of the stuff with which I grew up, thanks to my Serbian father.

I wish I could understand all the words they are saying.  My languages other than English are limited.  I will be so disappointed if I discover they are uttering sentiments I don’t like.

La Isla Bonita – the gypsy music version.

4 thoughts on “La Isla Bonita – the gypsy version

  1. Aw, that’s sad, Vincenzo, to have had to give up music you once loved. I can relate, though.

    I don’t know anything about Madonna’s lifestyle. I just didn’t like her music. When it was new, my sister was right into it, but it just annoyed me. She and I have always had nearly diametrically opposed musical tastes, though, and it sure shocks her when once in awhile I like one of “her” songs, such as the Madonna one.

    Then there’s me and my long-time love affair with the music of Led Zeppelin.

    When I became a Christian at the age of 20, over the ensuing few years I felt a need to rid my life of all music that did not outright praise God.

    I heard about some things in the personal lives of the members of Led Zeppelin, and I decided to let their music go.

    Then a few more years later, when I’d visit the family home of he who is now the ex, when I was alone in the house I’d sit in the living room with my ex-father-in-law’s Led Zeppelin CD’s cranked, feeling slightly guilty over the enjoyment it brought me.

    I am now at what I feel is a balance, music-wise – no longer bound with guilt over listening to that which soothes and moves me, regardless of genre, appreciating the music and not concerning myself with the private lives of the musicians.

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