Light letters on dark backgrounds. Ugh.

The most wonderful writing can be ruined in my eyes by the wrong choice of presentation.

It hurts my eyes to read white words on a black background, or anything similar to that.

Sure, it can look pretty, in an artistic way, but I wish there were an option to somehow turn off colours and just read plain text.  I know there used to be such an option, back when I first started using the internet on my old 486 notebook computer in 1997.

Maybe it’s just one of my “highly sensitive person” quirks.


4 thoughts on “Light letters on dark backgrounds. Ugh.

  1. Yeah… I really did mean “sights”, as in the sights I do not want to see, but then after I typed it, I realized it might look like I made a spelling error on “sites”, as in web sites.

    Sights/sites – words that sound the same but are spelled differently. Homophones.

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