Spam, Anyone?

There were 40 spam messages in my Dashboard this morning.  Ugh.  Does anyone else get this much?

If I was in a Miss Canada competition and got asked the question, “If you could change one thing in this world, what would it be?”, I would say, “I would make it impossible for spam to exist on the internet.”

The audience might roll their eyes at the dumb blonde, but hey, as a blogger,  I really, really, really hate spam.

Wouldn’t you ask for such a thing, too?

Oh, and “world peace”.


6 thoughts on “Spam, Anyone?

  1. Good question. I will take note next time and see if I can figure it out. When I saw the 40 spams (is that the right way to pluralize it, or is it just “spam”, like when there is more than one deer it is still deer, and likewise for moose, bear, etc?) in my spam filter, I clicked on the top box to check the whole page worth of them and permanently deleted them, rinse, repeat, until they were all gone.

    • When I first started my blog I noticed lots of spam.
      In regards to this particular post though Steeny, I didn’t find spam in my spam queue in relation to ‘Shut down’. But, yeah, I still get spammed. I just don’t notice it so much now, as wordpress chucks it into my spam pile before I read it. Although having said that – I have noticed some genuine comments from my blog friends in the spam queue.

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