That’s Where I Live

I can never find this song online, and I have never met anyone else who even knows who “Out Of The Grey” are, but here are the lyrics for one of my favorite songs by them.

That’s Where I Live (by Out Of The Grey)

On a street where the traffic never quite dies
There’s a house where joy hovers but never quite flies
A little room where peace has been locked away
Behind a window so dirty there’s no light of day
And that’s no way
And that’s no place to live

Closets too full of nothing to keep
Navigation turns tricky as the clutter grows deep
But to wander outside is to wander alone
Just can’t shake the feeling that nowhere is feeling like home

And that’s no way
That’s no way to live

And in my world of doubt
Where I can’t settle down
You’re all I know
So that’s where I go
That’s where I live

Will I settle for the shambles and live on these crumbs
Or trust that You’ll finish what You’ve begun
Cause in the midst of this mess I’ve foolishly made
You’re still building a home and I’m coming to stay

And that’s where I’ll live

I’m on my third copy of the CD (after having one copy kept from me by the ex, who didn’t even like this CD to my knowledge, and having had another copy stolen when two cases of my CDs got ripped off from my vehicle).

Before the CDs, I had it on cassette.


Photo:  Christine Denté and Scott Denté, the wife and husband contemporary Christian music duo “Out Of The Grey”.

I’ve sometimes wondered if Scott’s dad’s name is Al.  😉


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