Crying During Medical Transcription

I am sitting here at my home office typing a medical report about a little boy with Down syndrome.

Tears are streaming down my face.

This job can be so hard for a multitude of reasons.

2 thoughts on “Crying During Medical Transcription

  1. I had a report of a 3 month old baby whose retinas were completely detached due to shaken baby syndrome. I had to step away and collect myself. I don’t understand why such awful things are allowed to happen to children.

    • That would break my heart, Rachel. As a highly sensitive person, anything to do with people being hurt, especially children, hurts me, too.

      Also, I was falsely accused, by the ex and his mother, of shaking my first child when she was a newborn. Yep, they accused me of this 13 years later, while in the midst of a custody battle. Um… if I did such a thing, why did they wait 13 years to bring it up? Totally shocked me.

      Long story: (Warning: VERY long, and I’ve not had time to break it up into chapters yet.)

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