Ten Things From My Week

Ten things from my life this week that aren’t work or other gotta-do’s

  1. Bought new bottle of nail polish (I love having hot pink toe nails).
  2. Bought a new hardcover journal.
  3. Borrowed the book “Quiet:  The Power Of Introverts in a World That Will Not Stop Talking” from library.
  4. Wrote a bit in my blogs.
  5. Met with my new counselor, who I already knew from her other job as Child & Youth Mental Health clinician.
  6. Communicated via commenting with a few people I don’t know on WordPress blogs.
  7. Emailed back and forth a bit with one of my best friends, who I call my “little bro”, who lives in Toronto and is going to makeup artistry school.
  8. Bought new socks for myself, my husband, and my three youngest kids.
  9. Went for Chinese smorg lunch with my husband – first time eating in a restaurant with him, other than Denny’s, in more years than I can recall.  This wasn’t a date so much as “I’m starving.  Let’s go get some food” while running errands in town.
  10. Took my sheep-load of vitamins and supplements faithfully in an attempt to recover from adrenal burnout.  I’m on day 23 with them so far and am guessing that by the time the snow melts, I should be partially healed enough that I will be able to go for a walk in the grassy hills by my house.

2 thoughts on “Ten Things From My Week

    • Thank you, Vincenzo. My counselor told me to think of five things each day for which I am grateful. I have been writing them in a journal. This is a spin-off from that – not necessarily gratitudes, but observations of everyday stuff.

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