Handel Wrote Messiah in a 24-Day Manic Episode

While talking with my counselor today (yes, she meets with clients in her home office on weekends, and that’s the only way I can fit it in, so it works perfectly for me), we discussed PTSD, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

I may have all three of those, and so I will be talking to a psychiatrist to find out for sure.

I was impressed to hear from my counselor that Handel wrote “Messiah” during a 24-day manic phase.

Impressed, but not at all surprised.

Knowing what I myself can do in a … in a … OK, I’ll say it … “MANIC PHASE” … if that is what I have … I can totally imagine such an exquisite compilation of music being created in that space of time.

I once wrote an elaborate song for a friend, based on one sentence he wrote. He was speechless that I did it in the space of an afternoon.

Actually, it wasn’t even “an afternoon” – I banged it out in less than an hour.

Anyway, I hope someone else enjoys Handel’s Messiah as they stumble across it in my blog. I am listening to it in my headset right now, while working on some weekly home school reports I need to submit to the school where a couple of my sons are enrolled. The music blocks out the sound of the TV, which my husband is watching in the next room. I hate TV. I chalk that up to my high sensitivity.

I don’t think I’ve ever asked a question before in my blogging, having thus far blogged more for my own sanity than for communication —ย  although, I do love it when people leave comments — but I will throw a few questions out now for whatever they are worth, and I hope you will answer at least one (but the more, the merrier):

1. Did you read this whole thing?
2. What brought you here?
3. Do you like Handel’s Messiah?
4. Has anything I have written today resonated with you in any way?

Thank you for reading my ramblings.


7 thoughts on “Handel Wrote Messiah in a 24-Day Manic Episode

  1. 1. yes
    2. it came up in my reader under “inspiration”
    3. LOVE it!
    4. My husband was diagnosed with bipolar a few months ago and I just watched the movie Mr. Jones with him about a bipolar guy. It’s about 1am and I’m still processing the movie which was a little too real for me. It’s seems a like too much of a cooincidence that I ended up on your blog tonight.
    5. Rambling is good…..keep up the rambling! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thank you so very much, Lumatiza (is that a lower case “L” at the beginning of your username, or an upper case “i”?) for your answers.

    I’ve never heard of the movie “Mr. Jones”, but upon your mention of it, I have made a note to look into it. Have you seen “A Beautiful Mind”? Its subject is more of a different “mental illness”, (if different ways of thinking and being truly are mental illnesses) but I can relate to some of it, too. Of course, various symptoms overlap from one type of personality “disorder” to another.

    I love it when things happen that seem coincidental. I often wonder if it is more than mere coincidence. I wrote about such thoughts a few times in my blog, such as here:


    Blessings to you and yours.

  3. 1. Did you read this whole thing?
    yes – I don’t feel, interested when it is more than 1000 words. When an article is between 500 and 1000 words, then the title, a picture or the first 50 words have to grab my attention.
    2. What brought you here?
    I like to read most of what my friends write. Today I followed the “reader” but often I follow my own bookmarks.
    3. Do you like Handelโ€™s Messiah?
    I think for me it is too long. I seldom have more than one continuous hour to myself. I like fragments of it. I prefer Telemann or Bach and why not Purcell.
    4. Has anything I have written today resonated with you in any way?
    Yes and No.
    I can have periods that I really do at lot of work in no time, but I wouldn’t call that Manic. I don’t have the negative times that are prone to bipolar people. When I’m not ‘manic’ i’m normal, even boring, and sometimes bored. And when I’m bored I can become annoying.

    • Bert, how does one tell at a glance how long the posts are? I’ve seen occasionally, when I receive an email notice about new posts in blogs to which I’ve subscribed, at the bottom of the preview of the entry, a line telling me how many more words are in the article, but it doesn’t happen consistently.

      I’ve never heard of Purcell. What is their first name so I can look them up?

      I have a CD with highlights of Handell’s Messiah. It has become a tradition over the past couple decades for my kids and I to listen to it when we drive through a certain mountain pass here in BC a few times a year. It really goes with the scenery.

      I’d love to find a way to know in advance how many words are in a blog entry. Usually when I am reading in the Reader, it’s while I’m taking a little break to eat something amidst my work, and would rather read short entries than longer ones.

      • * In WordPress reader you will see something like this […weeks beforehand in some places. 1,817 more words and 2 comments] When there is nothing mentioned, you see the entire post.
        * Henri Purcell – english glamrock for the 18th century ๐Ÿ™‚
        … Haendel, I could indeed listen bits and pieces … but it doesn’t feel right, it takes some time to be “in” it. The only solution is to make time for it ๐Ÿ™‚
        * Another way to continue reading a post later is to Like it, and then click the Reader tab on the WordPress then select the Posts I Like tab:

  4. I too have a disdain for TV Steeny. My dad being so emotionally damaged could never relate to anyone, so he’d watch it day and night. I grew up with the conviction I would not follow in his foot steps. The only TV I have in my apartment has no antenna and only serves to see a DVD once or twice a month. Lately, my daughter prefers playing Scrabble so we haven’t seen a movie on it for months.

    • Vincenzo, it sounds like your dad may have a thing or two in common with my dad, emotion-wise, and TV-wise.

      I never consciously determined that I would not follow my dad’s footsteps, but that is how it turned out. He and I are so different from each other, yet, even with so much I dislike about him, I still love him. Stockholmy or what?

      And good for your daughter preferring to play Scrabble. That is my favorite game. ๐Ÿ™‚

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