Marriage and Pina Coladas

I was thinking about how “marriage” has always in essence meant, up until recent attempts by some to change the definition, a contract between a man and a woman.

If it’s not a man and a woman in the contract, it’s something else, but it ain’t marriage.

I think of it like this:

There are two necessary ingredients that make a pina colada:  pineapple and coconut.

If you mix pineapple and pineapple, it is not a pina colada.

If you mix coconut and coconut, it is not a pina colada.

Pineapple and pineapple may be suitable for those who have never met a coconut that moves them.

Likewise, coconut and coconut may be the perfect tonic for one who prefers to avoid pineapple for whatever reason.

People are free to enjoy whichever drink refreshes them, but please don’t call coconut and coconut or pineapple and pineapple a “pina colada”, because without the two necessary ingredients for pina colada, it’s not a pina colada.

pina colada

A Beautiful Mind

I had the most amazing dream last night.  Well, it was amazing to ME.

I dreamed that I was in a place of business on Tyee Road in Point Roberts, Washington.  It was a small building in which I had never been before and which probably doesn’t exist outside the dream.  In retrospect, it might have been a small art gallery.

On the wall above a table were large posters like horizontal navigation maps.  They had symbols on them that seemed to make no sense.

I announced to the people around me, “Hey, I can see the patterns in those posters just like the guy in the movie A Beautiful Mind!”

Some people tried to see what I was seeing.  Others just kinda looked at me sideways like “Uh…okaaay…whatever.”

If I looked at the poster as a whole, I couldn’t see the pattern.  When I looked with my eyes narrowed and my head tilted back a bit, the shapes in the patterns showed themselves in 3D whereas the rest of the images remained 2D.

There might be some meaning in this, or it might just be random disconnected thoughts.

If there is a meaning, I’m going to venture a guess that it is to say if you haven’t been there, you really have no idea how or why the person who experienced what they lived has impacted them.

Furthermore, looking at what you see in total cannot be understood until you see each fine detail, and see them in their proper order.

(I originally published this in facebook Notes on February 11, 2011.)

The Struggle Is Where We Find The Beauty


“If there was a place to get to where everyone was happy and whole, we’d stop making art.

There would be no music.

There would be nothing left to write about.

It would be a flat, expressionless existence instead of the one precious life we have.

The struggle is where we find the beauty.”

~Kate Bartolotta

God Of Wonders


The first time I heard this song was on a warm summer’s evening here in our little cowboy town in BC, in a huge tent, played on acoustic guitar by a guy named Cam who was visiting from another city.  Others too, cracked out their guitars and jammed.  Anyone who knew the words sang along beautifully and with heart.

That was the church fellowship that I used to feel was like family.

Most of those people eventually turned their backs on me when I left the abusive ex, because of their misconceptions and misguided ideas, but God never will.  He knows the whole story.