Recipe Blogs Suck

I’ve got a lot of cookbooks, but the internet is so nice for pinpointing the right recipe in a hurry. However, I must say that I hate it when people bury the recipe under a bunch of unnecessary words. Write about food or post the recipe, but please don’t do both, at least not for my benefit. I’ll scroll through the frivolity until I see a recipe. I can do without the one-word sentences that show up, or the overuse of the phrase “oh-so-whatever”. And please spare me the “sentences” that are comprised of words followed by periods as though to emphasize. They look oh-so-silly.

I. Just. Can’t.


A photo or two is nice to go with the recipe, but I don’t need the step-by-step shots of opening the container, pouring the ingredient, or any other instructional on how to do basic cooking.

Post a recipe or do a food review, but please don’t mix the two.

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