Herbatophile – new word for “tea freak”

There should be a word that means “someone who loves tea”. The phrase “tea freak” isn’t suitable to describe the gentle mingling of pleasantly scented herbs with the drinker of such concoctions.

The word for “tea”, though, in Greek isn’t much help – tsai. Even Latin doesn’t have a better translation for it. Spanish, French, German, Italian, and so many others also have words too similar to “tea” for it to sound nice with the Greek suffix of “phile” for “loving”.

Polish has “herbata” for tea, so… herbatophile? Can I mix Polish and Greek? Yes, I can! Bibliophile is French mixed with Greek for one who loves books, so… herbatophile it is. I think it is a harmonious blend for those who appreciate the warming pleasure of a good cup of tea.

I am a herbatophile. Are you?

(Edited to add a pronunciation description: herb-AT-o-file.)


8 thoughts on “Herbatophile – new word for “tea freak”

  1. If anyone questions the validity of your new word, simply employ the Humpty Dumpty from Alice Through The Looking Glass defence – “When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’ 🙂

      • Why thank you.

        I often credit reading “Looking Glass” and “Wonderland” at an impressionable age for making me the person I am today – someone who drinks an incredible amount of tea with a questionable understanding of what constitutes reality.

        Oh, and I have a daughter named Alice, too…! 🙂

  2. I, too, read those Lewis Carroll books sometime early in my childhood, and then again in my 20s. I think they also affected me and my outlook as well as some of my word choices.

    How lovely that you named your daughter Alice! One of my daughters played the part of the Door Mouse in a high school Alice In Wonderland play a few years ago, which was a bit of a surprise given that she excelled in a lead role in the Oklahoma! musical prior to that.

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