An Example of Contextual Study: Psalm 37:4

The only part with which I disagree is the ending, where the author congratulates the reader for reading a boring blog post. It is not boring to me.

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One of the most beneficial things I’ve learned in bible college is how important it is to treat each book of the Bible as an individual work of literature, instead of just picking out individual verses and using them to our advantage. If we pick out words or verses and separate them from their surrounding context, it can be very easy to misunderstand the true meaning of what is being said.

It’s the same way with life in general. If two friends are sitting in a room talking about Lebron James’ best dunks from the night before, you might hear someone say, “He’s sick!” But what does the word sick really mean here? Are they saying Lebron has come down with the flu? Or are they maybe saying that Lebron has some kind of mental disorder and has a “sick” mind?

No! They’re saying he’s a sick basketball player (i.e…

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