Frustration With Facebook

One of the most frustrating things about Facebook is the way so many people on my contact list go to it for a quick read and a quick click of the “like” button, but very few offer any written feedback and there is little to no communication.

When I deactivate my Facebook account, the absence of its accessibility is refreshing. I am then not tempted to click to open it and see if anyone is initiating conversation. I can’t be disappointed if it’s not there for people to ignore.

I am better off writing here in WordPress, where it is already expected, at least for me, that there will be little to no communication.


5 thoughts on “Frustration With Facebook

    • Thank you kindly, Bruce. I appreciate that you are one who does comment. Not that I begrudge those who don’t say anything, for surely they have that right and exercise it for their own reasons. Just for me, it helps to step back from Facebook at times.

    • AuthorJim, that may be the case for some. For me, I like to hear the thoughts of others, but most people I know are either disinterested by my posts or they are in a hurry so I mostly get their click of the “like” button

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