Is this what love is?

Is this what love is, Lord?

Is this the way Your love is?

To possess and be possessed by

Something so immense

That it cannot be pounded down into words

That are comprehensible by mortal man,

But by the pounding of two hearts in harmony

The definition is felt between them?

Will love be made clear

When at last we are in Your light,

Where no shadow hides even the nuance

Of joy from the one who needs to read it,

Where every colour and texture of sunset

Sings an endless harmonized song

Never fading to darkness?

The longing for closeness

After long last completed,


The taste having turned into fullness

Which satisfies yet appetizes the spirit


With joy You have yet to reveal?

Can we know what Your love is

Apart from having known love on earth?

Or is it as foreign to us as is heaven

To eyes which have not yet seen?

~ unearthed from a draft I wrote some time ago


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