I don’t want to see hatred

Almost every time I glance at social media, there’s one person or another expressing their disgust for a politician.

I understand political leaders don’t do everything they say they will. They don’t do everything we’d like them to do. They have pasts we might not like. They have presents we might not like. They project futures we might not like.

But can we control anyone by expressing hatred in the form of sarcasm, mockery, name-calling, or complaining?

Politician, stranger, neighbour, countryman, sibling, spouse – we need not belittle any, for we are all our own little messes. I am guilty myself and want to see me do better.

I think we can only control our own selves.

We can treat even our enemies with respect, whether we feel respect for them or not.

I wish more people would consider their own imperfections and work on improving those rather than filling the air with more ugliness of word.

2 thoughts on “I don’t want to see hatred

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