Supporting Other Bloggers

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Fellow WordPress blogger, Obinna Anyaibe of “Shards Of Bards” wrote an encouraging piece on some of the joys of blogging.

Here is an excerpt:

“When it comes to blogging, reciprocity is fundamental and greatly encouraged. Simply put, if you wish for your blog to be read, then you must read other blogs. Similarly, if you want other bloggers to engage with your content, then you must engage with the content that they create.”

And here is the whole blog post: Supporting Other Bloggers

4 thoughts on “Supporting Other Bloggers

  1. Thanks for this reblog. I restrict the number of blogs I follow because I read all of the postings and there’s only so much time. I think we Christian bloggers should try to support each other with “likes” and comments if possible. Reciprocity is just good manners. I have a few old blogging friends who have disengaged from supporting other bloggers, but still prioritize posting their own occasional thoughts. I’m not inclined to read them.

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    • Very well stated. Reciprocity is indeed good manners.

      “I restrict the number of blogs I follow…”

      Same here. I like to read as many posts as I can, but the ones that are too long I rarely get to finish before one person or task or another calls me away.

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