Pagan Christianity?

Pagan Christianity, by Frank Viola and George Barna

Anyone read this book? It’s validating of stuff I have been saying for decades but to which most people tune out once I start.

The book title, “Pagan Christianity”, might be off-putting to the average Christian, but what it’s saying is that many of the traditions that are part of modern-day groups that gather in buildings known as “churches” are derived from pagan practices. So much is wrong there, yet people keep feeding into it.

Like with Halloween, so many people keep on doing it, even those who call themselves Christians, though the roots of it are evil.

Do you think tithing is biblical? Why? Because a pastor told you with Scriptures he pulled out of context and used over and over?

Do you think a pastor being the leader of a local church is biblical?

Do you think the office of a “pastor” is biblical? Oh, the word “pastor” is in the Bible, but it is not what these men (and sometimes women) are portraying today.

Do you think it is biblical that one orator should be preaching Sunday after Sunday, year after year, with maybe a “guest speaker” now and then?

Do you think having a dedicated building, with all its expenses, for church meetings is biblical?

Do you think seminary is biblical?

Well, you’d be wrong if you think so on any of that, and furthermore the roots from which all that stems is not what you might be led to presume.

Look into history. Many things that are acceptable today did not start out that way.

Look at the evils around us today to which many of us are opposed. If we don’t succeed in shutting down that which we know is wrong, it will become accepted as the norm and throw individual souls and collective nations into further harm as they ignore the truth.

Get to know Jesus better, through His word. Question everything and study to show yourself correctness. Know Jesus by His Word, the Bible. Know why He came, and know where you are going as a result. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The truth really does set us free.

10 thoughts on “Pagan Christianity?

  1. I’m intrigued and would like to know more of how a house group works in terms of what is discussed and how order is kept.
    I have not believed that tithes were Biblical in our dispensation for years. 🙂

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  2. I never read this book. But I’m pretty confident what I’m witnessing today involves the Lord’s sifting of His church, separating the grain from the chaff and the sheep from the goats. Pagan-Christian churches are increasing among the apostate and heretics at an alarming rate. Paganism isn’t just starting, though. It is the culmination of something that has been fomenting for more than a century. So this is a timely subject you brought up, Steeny.

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    • I never did finish the book due to so much urgent busy-ness the past couple of years, but what I did read (and hear, as I also had access to the audio version) was interesting. Much of it I already knew, but other things were new to me and worth further investigation.

      I am surprised by how many people in my circles of acquaintance and friendship are aware of this lately. In years past, I mostly received silence when I’d mention my concerns about “churchianity”. You may have hit the nail on the head concerning the Lord sifting the grain from the chaff!

      I was just praying yesterday about how I long to be with the Lord face to face, that He would call His children up. And then I thought about how patient He is, and how many people whom I love don’t yet believe on Him, and I had some understanding as to His delaying. Ah, but I believe I will understand even better once I am in His presence, free from this sin-tainted tent of selfishness.



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  3. Nice to see a new post from you, Steeny! Hope you’re doing well.
    Yup, I read and reviewed that book five years ago. It definitely had some good points, but I also questioned some of the contents. Not trying to be negative because I’m sure many Christians get a lot of joy from home fellowships. My wife and I currently don’t attend a church because I’m working on Sundays. The church we were previously attending until COVID-19 leaned toward seeker-friendly and we opted to even stop watching their livestream.

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  4. My husband Caleb and his brother Josh have both read it, and the plan is for me to read it, though that may take awhile. Everything I’ve heard from it makes sense though, and I feel like I might agree with most of it. Our home church doesn’t have a teaching/preaching meeting, partially because of this book.

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