From The Just Sayin’ Department: Towels

When you grab a clean towel from a shelf in readiment for a bath or shower, always shake the towel free from its folded (or whatever semblance of folding it is in) state before resting it in its wait for drying duty. Give it a shake and inspect it for insects or spiders. After your bath or shower, before employing the towel, check it once more for insects or spiders.

Just sayin’.

Seriously, though. This is especially important if you dry your laundry outdoors.

Spam, Anyone?

There were 40 spam messages in my Dashboard this morning.  Ugh.  Does anyone else get this much?

If I was in a Miss Canada competition and got asked the question, “If you could change one thing in this world, what would it be?”, I would say, “I would make it impossible for spam to exist on the internet.”

The audience might roll their eyes at the dumb blonde, but hey, as a blogger,  I really, really, really hate spam.

Wouldn’t you ask for such a thing, too?

Oh, and “world peace”.

Misuse of “literally”

“I am literally just blown away by this.”

Those were the words I heard wafting my way from the wretched TV as I tried to get some rest on the couch.

I turned my head to see if the guy who said it was intact, or if he had exploded and his vocal cords were somehow still operable enough to leave that one final comment in the wind.

The guy did, however, remain in one piece, as he stood there in an opulent garage wowing at a motor vehicle collection probably owned by someone with more money than empathy.