Blogging again

I started another blog, the name and location of which I don’t want to make known publicly, but if you contact me privately, I might be able to pass on a link. That is, if I fix it. Right now it isn’t working properly. Some of the preliminary links are failing and I don’t yet know why.

So, here I am, blogging again, as well as reading more posts by other bloggers, in hopes it will assist my sanity level.

Are You Still There?

I haven’t been blogging much lately and I notice that a lot of the people on my little list of bloggers I follow haven’t been as active, either. What’s going on with us? Are we all too busy for WordPress? Have we lost part of our minds in the busyness of summer? Will we get back to regularity eventually? Are we not eating enough fiber? (Sorry, bad joke.)

I’m posting this in hopes I will hear from WordPress friends and followers and maybe even from a new viewer or two.

Maybe you’re as busy as me. Longer, warmer days make more time for the things that can’t get done as easily in winter.

And the dark cloud that has been hovering over me comes and goes. I’m doing what I can to force it to stay out of the way of my sunshine – exercise, healthy food, essential oils purported to improve mood, sleep, even medication in desperation – but sometimes it is insistent. Do you fight with it, too?

Of course, only the village idiot is happy all the time. (I grabbed onto that saying from a fellow blogger. It reminds me that I am not as insane as I sometimes feel.)

I hope today has good moments for you, whoever and wherever you are. We all need at least a few of those, eh? But when things are dismal, it serves to intensify how much more we will appreciate when things are going well. And I always think of how all the more will heaven be joyous compared to earth.


Of A Letter To You

Wild roses by my yard gates

Fellow WordPress blogger, Beaton, at Becoming The Muse, wrote a wonderful post.

Word for word, I could have written it myself. I thank him for saving me the time.

This part especially is from me, too:

“There are some of you who read quietly and steadily, never drawing attention to yourself. You are as silent as a midnight mouse. I never know you have been here. Still, I thank you for your creepy presence, lurking in the bushes, reading every word I write. I do hope you would cough once in awhile so I know you are there. I won’t make a big deal of it. I will just casually nod in your direction and carry on as we were, even as I try to hide the proud smile from my face.”

Here’s the rest of his post:

I need help getting my post back

I was on a roll and wrote a bunch of stuff with which I was very happy. I had my categories and my tag words all put in. I had a photo inserted at the top of the blog entry, and a Featured Image in place. I went to put one last photo in at the end of the story. I hit the button on my phone to go put in a caption, and when I was done, I went back to the page to see how it all looked. I was horrified to see that it had all disappeared, and all that showed up was the words I had typed for the caption. The photos were gone. All my writing was gone.

I couldn’t find a “back” or “undo” button on my phone, so I hurried to my laptop to try to fix it from there. I looked online for answers and found some pages telling me about the previous versions one can access to restore. I found that on my blog post, but the only previous versions went as far back as where I lost everything. I mean, the only previous version was from a few minutes prior, when that one-liner that was supposed to be a photo caption was all that showed up.

Is there any way to get my writing back? Did I write too fast and so there were no auto-saves or anything? I know some Google products do auto-saves, although WordPress isn’t a Google product, is it? Maybe my writing exists somewhere?

The blog I need help with is

(I posted this on the WordPress Support Forum, the original located here at this link.)

I didn’t see anywhere in the forum for me to include a screenshot, so I will include it here:

In that screenshot, do you see the line at the bottom of the list, where it has a plus sign inside a blue circle and then the number 15 beside it? Does that mean anything? I click on the plus sign and the number but nothing happens.

What’s Up With Poetry?

Trees behind a mossy roof at the old Alexandra Bridge parking area near Spuzzum, BC

I notice that on WordPress, the blog posts that get the most attention are poems. Lots of people like them and the discussion that follows is often lively. What’s up with that? Hmm, maybe I ought to post a poem? I’ll think about it.

EDITED TO ADD: Okay, I did it. I wrote a poem and posted it here: A Muse

My Favorite Blog Posts

Reading on a laptop at my antique writing desk

My favorite blog posts are the same as my favorite books: the ones that shows the author’s humanity.

I like to read what a person feels;

what they have experienced and how that has affected them;

things, events, and people that move them to their core and why;

their failures as well as their triumphs;

stories about their pet dogs, their pet cats, their pet peeves;

stories about their hopes and dreams, as well as their regrets;

carefully chosen words that elicit a smile or a tear – or, best of all, a laugh;

properly spelled words, and all written with attention to sentence structure and grammar;

and thoughts on everything they care about enough to analyze, revitalize, or otherwise relive in writing.

Their humanity reinforces my own humanity. It can encourage me when I need it. It can then, in turn, cause me to encourage someone else.

Do for others just as you want them to do for you. (Luke 6:31)

Supporting Other Bloggers

A photo that has nothing to do with this post

Fellow WordPress blogger, Obinna Anyaibe of “Shards Of Bards” wrote an encouraging piece on some of the joys of blogging.

Here is an excerpt:

“When it comes to blogging, reciprocity is fundamental and greatly encouraged. Simply put, if you wish for your blog to be read, then you must read other blogs. Similarly, if you want other bloggers to engage with your content, then you must engage with the content that they create.”

And here is the whole blog post: Supporting Other Bloggers