Today’s Twisted Gratitudes

Today I am grateful for:

1.  The dryer in my laundry room, which not only dries our laundry, but today it performed the job of masking the sobs that wrenched from my beaten down heart so the rest of my family didn’t have to hear me cry.
2.  Long sleeves on my shirts to wipe my tears.
3.  Supportive friends in the groups for highly sensitive people where I find a bit of solace.
4.  This blog, where I can let a little bit of my pain bleed out.
5.  My faith that heaven is my final destination.

Come, Lord Jesus.  Quickly.  Please.


Spam, Anyone?

There were 40 spam messages in my Dashboard this morning.  Ugh.  Does anyone else get this much?

If I was in a Miss Canada competition and got asked the question, “If you could change one thing in this world, what would it be?”, I would say, “I would make it impossible for spam to exist on the internet.”

The audience might roll their eyes at the dumb blonde, but hey, as a blogger,  I really, really, really hate spam.

Wouldn’t you ask for such a thing, too?

Oh, and “world peace”.

Thinking about changing my blog banner photo

I’m thinking about changing the main photo that appears at the top of my blog.  It’s the same photo as I use on my original blog (Holy Sheepdip at Blogger).

I purposely put the same photo up on this WordPress blog so that readers (even if they be only me) would feel at home.

Now, however, I’m thinking maybe it’s just confusing, and I’m considering changing it.

Just talking to myself…

Sometimes I just have to post

Sometimes I just have to post.

I have three blogs now – this one here at WordPress, the other Holy Sheepdip at Blogger, and a mostly private one on Tumblr.

Mostly I make private posts on Tumblr, which is kind of a holding place where I ramble out my thoughts about whatever needs rambling.  Occasionally I take some of that rambling and make it into a blog post over at Blogger.

Maybe I’ll do a bit more blogging here.  Who knows.