Instagram is no gem either

Facebook’s got its huge downside list, but then Instagram is no gem, either. The latter, owned by the same conglomerate, is not as addictive as the former, but how many women need to be out there showing off their abs in front of a mirror with their cell phone in hand? Is it an addiction for them to seek approval? Is it an addiction for the approval-givers to keep seeing more?

Hey, I’ve got some pretty decent abs, too, and a cell phone, but you will not see me showing more skin than necessary on the internet.

You wanna see my abs, I’ll show you in person, in a public place, with other people around. You wanna see my phone, I’ll show you that, too. You can even touch it to see it’s real. (I said “it”, not “them”. The phone, not my abs. Just so we’re perfectly clear.) But the former will never be on Instagram or any other social media. Not because I’ve had seven babies. Take my word for it that abs can be made strong and beautiful again after childbirth. It just takes hard work.

You might, however, catch a glimpse of my phone online sometime. Oooh, scandalous!

Can you handle the scandal? Full-on back view shot of my PHONE!


Melons and Instagram

I saw this on my oldest daughter’s Instagram last night: ↓

01 -original pic

I commented to her, as shown below – me being Squirrelmix: ↓

02 -  comments

Then, I went to my own Instagram and posted this picture: ↓

melon mama (2)

Today, I look at Instagram and I see this by my daughter: ↓

04- N pic

And her comments/hashtags that were under the pic: ↓

05 - comments

That’s all. Have a great day!