About Me

I can’t remember not knowing how to write.

Notes, journals, stories true and false, songs, poems, and letters, all flow from my fingertips and my pen.

The jobs I have chosen over the years have all involved words, in typesetting, proofreading, writing, transcribing, teaching, and editing.

I ended up correcting the grammar of medical specialists from 2004 until my health forced me to stop working in 2013.

As long as my brain and my hands cooperate, I expect I will still write. Some of those word mixtures show up in this blog.

I’m willingly owned by nobody but God (bought’n’paid-for at great price by His Son’s perfect sacrifice). Thriving on love and a little bit of money, I write about the bumps and valleys of life from my perspective.

“Be the change you wish to see”, yadda yadda… but really!

And someday we shall see it all as it truly is.

For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. (1 Corinthians 13:12)

I hope to see you there, then, where, and when everything that needs to make sense will.

February 2012

Here are some links I like. (I might add more as time goes by, so check again)…



And here are the links to my Holy Sheepdip blogs:

The WordPress one: https://holysheepdip.wordpress.com/

The Google one, which I rarely use anymore: http://holy-sheepdip.blogspot.ca/

17 thoughts on “About Me

    • Greetings, Gemma. Thank you for your encouraging comment and for overlooking the fact that my “About Me” page is improperly spaced. It irks me whenever I see it like that, but I haven’t delved deeply enough into finding a way to fix it yet.

      Lovely hair in your picture, by the way!


  1. Hi, It was great to meet you and I will look forward to anything you write or any pictures you post. Oh, I forgot to mention that back in August 2014 I wrote my impressions and thoughts on ND filters. If you have a chance check that out and let me know your opinions.
    Keep warm, John

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  2. The “About me” page is the first place I go with new Bloggers. It usually gives at least a miniscule insight into the person behind the writings, and I have decided to not Follow on a number of occasions as a result of the “About Me” page …. so yes, feel free to make changes to reflect who you are and where you are going! Me? I am going for a nap in a few minutes! Might talk to you later. 🙂

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    • I hope you had a good nap!

      I’ll see about updating this section when time permits. I recall being frustrated by how it was spaced on the page when viewed on a computer. Will have to check if I can force the format to be less noticeably awkward.

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  3. “typesetting and proofreading”
    I was absolutely amazed to learn, at 27 years old that there are people who love letters of the alphabet. I’d never met any. It never even crossed my mind that someone proofread the textbooks I read through school. I was even more shocked to learn there is such a thing as scriptwriters. I never asked myself why I loved the words I loved in movies. I lived and still live under a rock. The day I met an author, I said…but why would you want to write for people to read. The only writing I knew was to pass a test and to give myself therapy in a diary. I had not yet discovered the magic of living through words of another. I’m now a beginner at loving letters of the alphabet.

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    • Thank you for your beautiful comment. You sound so much like me, and that is a rare thing for me to see.

      I just read a few of your blog entries and am so glad to make your acquaintance!


      • I always go to the blogger’s first posts because they give a glimpse of what inspired the interest in blogging before taking into account the audience’s vibe received via comments and likes. I now see what you saw reading my blogs. We are made of the same textile material. Something about our mental make up comes from the same place.

        I’ll admit, seeing…reading about you makes me critique myself very differently from when I read my own blogs. It is like you are giving me permission to be more honest with my opinion about myself when I would have been biased reading my own blog.

        I am certain, I was destined to read you…now specifically. Not earlier, not later. Now. Because I am in the process of redefining myself since last week.

        So thank you, xx

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