About Me

I corrected the grammar of doctors from 2004 until my health forced me to stop working in 2013. As long as my brain and my hands continue to cooperate, I will still write, though. Occasionally, some of that writing shows up in this blog.
More about me:
Owned by nobody but God (bought’n’paid-for at great price), thriving on love and a little bit of money with one man and varying degrees of my seven kids, I write about the bumps and valleys of life as I’ve lived it and as I envision it.Welcome to my little slice of this crazy world!Here are the links to my Holy Sheepdip blogs:The Google one:

The WordPress one:

“Be the change you wish to see”, yadda yadda… but really!

 And some day, we shall see it all as it truly is.

I hope to see you there, where everything shall make sense.

February 2012

And, if the paragraphs aren’t properly spaced when you are reading this, please know that it was not me that set it up that way. For some reason, when I write things in a WordPress draft, it doesn’t come out in the public viewing area the same way. What ever happened to good ol’ WYSIWYG?

Work: Writing
Live: Redneck Community, BC, Canada
Intro: Mother of seven, wife to one good-ish man, friend to a few choice individuals, and daughter of the King of Kings.Why I’ve created this blog:1.  For my own enjoyment, but if anyone else reads it, please post a comment to let me know.  It encourages me to not feel I’m always talking to myself. 🙂  Let your presence be known!  Don’t be a secret stalker!2.  As a location to post my story.3.  To keep practicing my writing/feed my addiction to communication.4.  A place to vent when there’s nobody else around to listen.  🙂
Interests Too many to list and too little time to do much else other than be interested in my interests.
Favorite Movies Tangled, Ratatouille, Cars, Yes Man, O Brother Where Art Thou, Ever After, Princess Bride, Anne Of Green Gables, Don Juan de Marco, and many more
Favorite Music Led Zep, Dire Straights, Neil Young, Heart, Skynyrd, Steve Earle, and much more of that ilk, plus lots of southern and country-ish stuff, Canadian rock, classical such as Mozart, lots of old Christian hymns, some modern Christian music, and random lesser-known but wonderful underdogs of the music world
Favorite Books KJV Bible, Go the F**k To Sleep, (I know, what a juxtaposition!). And a new one for me, as of September 2011: The Help, by Kathryn Stockett. And anything by Patrick McManus

8 thoughts on “About Me

    • Greetings, Gemma. Thank you for your encouraging comment and for overlooking the fact that my “About Me” page is improperly spaced. It irks me whenever I see it like that, but I haven’t delved deeply enough into finding a way to fix it yet.

      Lovely hair in your picture, by the way!

  1. Hi, It was great to meet you and I will look forward to anything you write or any pictures you post. Oh, I forgot to mention that back in August 2014 I wrote my impressions and thoughts on ND filters. If you have a chance check that out and let me know your opinions.
    Keep warm, John

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